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Adjustable foot pegs

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Has anyone here installed adjustable front foot pegs? I don't like the position of the pegs on the xsr700, I am always knocking my legs on them when I put my feet on the ground, and they mean that I have to put my feet further out when stopped.
If you have installed them, did you have them further back or forward?
Something like this:

Auto part Wheel
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I’m interested in this too, particularly if anyone has them that has also raised the height.

I had a set of 25mm versions on my R1 a few years ago to give a little more leg room.

After a couple of run outs I ditched them as I kept getting my heel placed on the bracket rather than the peg! I also felt my feet were further out from the bike - although this was more for 'sport' riding than taking it steady.

I think I got mine for approx. £25 off ebay - at that price it's worth a go, definitely cheaper than full rearsets
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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