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About to collect my XSR 700!

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Hi all

I am about to collect my XSR 700 Anniversary Edition tomorrow, thought i would join the forum to get tips on how best to modify the bike.

Big question from me is - How would i go about putting the XSR900/MT-09 front forks on my XSR 700. I really like the look of inverted front forks so something I have wanted to do since looking for these bikes. If anyone has any info/tips please let me know.

Last question from me is - I want some more noise, she is way too quiet for me, however having a new shinny exhaust isn't fitting with the retro/classic look these bikes are aiming for, therefore i wanted to get my circular saw and chop the standard exhaust 3 inches away from the lamber sensor at an angle (going for a rustic old chopped look)..... does anyone know if this will affect the bikes ecu?

Many thanks for your help, looking forward to contributing to more posts etc as we all enjoy these great bikes.

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Gratz, and welcome!
Congratulations, have fun tomorrow :)

Not sure about the forks, but since the one on the XSR900 is upside down (which I also like better aesthetically), the diameter at the top is certainly wider than the original ones, so you will probably have to exchange the part holding them too (dont know the english word for it...). Then you have to make sure you can fit everything else (handlebar, headlamp, electronics,...) to this new part. Probably not the easiest modification, but make sure to post it on the forum if you decide to do it ;)
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