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A ride out to East Kirby Aviation museum, WW2 Lancaster!

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Hi all

Took advantage of yesterday's excellent weather and went out for a ride, and ended up staying at the above for a couple of hours....read on!

It's a small WW2 museum dedicated to Bomber Command, and they've got a working Lancaster......awesome!

I got there just in time to see them start all four Merlin engines, taxi it out onto a grass strip, bring it back and then they revved the s*it out of those engines. And I was standing virtually under the wingtip, with the prop stream in my face. Now you don't get to see (or hear) that every day!

Unfortunately they wouldn't let me get a photo of my bike in front of the bomber, but here's a pic for you

Apparently you can go for a ride or a static tour in the plane so defo going back!

If you can make it then I'd highly recommend it, loads of WW2 stuff about Lincolnshire etc


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Sounds like a fantastic experience! Hope the ride was equally good!

Y'know, I've always had difficulties with that sort of thing; on the one hand, they're magnificent machines, really impressive and awe-inspiring - even in today's world of supersonic aviation, spaceflight etc. - and on the other hand, they were used for raining death and murder down on unarmed civilians, children, etc.


A still-airworthy Berlin Airlift Lancaster, now, *that* I'd really love to see!
Two brothers own it i believe. It did a fast taxi run down the runway when i was there last...very impressive and the noise of the four Merlins was amazing.
Now that is super cool! Thanks for the photo. That definitely sounds like a place I would frequent all the time if I could. Still airworthy and capable of close to 280mph from way back then !!
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