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Hey All,

I am looking to sell the the side and top tank panels on my 2019 model. They are in brand new condition, minus the caution sticker. I purchased the bike in April and have yet to even register it (Due to Covid), so these panels are in pristine condition. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anyone with the 2016 forest green panels and I don’t have much options in terms of quality motorcycle paint shops.

I am resigned to purchasing the panels from the Yamaha parts site for $239 per side panel and about $130 for the top panel in the forest green; and so I am looking to supplement that cost and would not like to trade for anything but the forest green.

I am located in New Jersey. I don’t have a specific price I’m looking for, but my goal is to cover the cost of buying the new panels. 2019 tank panels run about $428 from the factory. Buyer must cover shipping cost. Let me know if your interested.

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