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2 New LED Tail Light

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The Yamaha Vintech (by GK DESIGN) :


What is your opinion ? :)
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The kijima is bigger, more expensive and has a plastic case. No brainer?

Yeah but the Kijima IMO looks better!
The vintech is much smaller which helps the bike a lot in my opinion.

This is a comparison to stock:

and this is a shot from the web of the Kijima... looks like they're using the same housing as stock.


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There's a world of difference between the Vintech unit and the ones using the stock plastic casing.
In comparion, the stock unit looks ridiculously oversized, cheap and faux-retro. (No surprise given that it's part-binned from the guady 'Bolt' model.)
The Vintech hits just about the right note, in harking a little to the past with a nod to the future (by way of the halo ring effect of its running light).
Money well spent in my opinion. (Especially since it looks fantastic fitted on a minimal tail tidy and with rectilinear indicators - photos pending...)
Are the stock tail light the same size as Kijima?
Are the stock tail light the same size as Kijima?
Not sure anyone knows, but gathering from this site it would seem so.

Does Anyone know where to order the Kijima tail light? As big as stock it may be but I think it's gorgeous
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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