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10 accesories

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Hello, what's up?
I make a post of what I did to my xsr700, I hope you like it and serve for some doubt:

-Original aluminum box: It does not cover the air but you can see pressure reduction in the chest from 120.

-Prug clutch and brakes Puig: They are closer to the grip than the originals, apart they have regulation. Much better touch. They have a small hole that is the weak point where they break in case of fall, so you have half a handle left to continue the journey.

- Smaller mirror mirrors: the originals are too big and these are Yamaha bold, same aesthetic but shorter.

-Topes anticaida: the truth is that they are not ugly and protect a lot, the covers of the engine, the tank, the radiator ... it is worth putting them.

- Radiator protector: I think it's great to protect the radiator itself from pebbles. I paint it silver because it comes black, in my opinion it looks much better.

-Chair center: the truth is that it fits like a glove and goes great. has never touched the ground when knocking down. It's great for cleaning and greasing the chain.

-Hunter battery: the small cable of the hivernador battery is perfect, I send photos where to get it.Very practical to charge and maintain the battery without removing the seat.

-Display disk: I put the camouflaged disc padlock on the motorcycle, I painted it black and I put a plastic with a small hole that I screwed to the motorcycle taking advantage of the screw of the rear brake fluid reservoir.

-Adesive side Yamaha original tank: aesthetically it is very beautiful and apart gives you a good grip in curves with the knees.

- Fork rubber springs: They give a more vintage and robust look to the bike.

I hope you like it.
Greetings to all!

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Nice job!!!! The front plate fits very well on a garage metal bike! ;)
Welcome to the forum dude, and man that build looks awesome, job well done. I really like how you've accented the bike with vintage looking accessories. Really dig the numbered front plate.
I had a similar set of accessories-I wish the "garage metal" was an aluminum that matched the number plate and the optional side panels. Mixed metals are cool but I'd rather have the light grey be a perfect match between tank, side panels, and number plate!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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