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  1. Seat Replacement for "Universal Seat"

    Appearance & Body
    Hello everyone! Just received my 2020 XSR and I'm considering the first mod to the seat. The most obvious option would be retrimming/reupholstering the OEM seat, however I want to keep as it is. This creates the need to purchase an additional seat, or something we can call a base. Does it make...
  2. Random cable and missing bracket

    Yamaha XSR700 General Discussion
    Hey guys & gals just purchased a Green xsr700 a week ago and I love it! Just completed my Enhanced rider scheme today and My instructor noticed my seat was loose. Upon inspection, I found there was no mounting bracket at the front of the seat? The key bracket is fine, but the front bracket is...
  3. Comfortable aftermarket seat?

    Yamaha XSR700 Parts & Accessories
    Hey. So I usually use my bike for relatively short commutes (less than an hour), but the other day took my 700 out for a few hours of fun riding. Gotta say, towards the end of the ride, my man-parts were going numb and I was having to stand on my pegs to get blood flow back. I'm 6'2"(188cm) and...