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  1. Appearance & Body
    Hello fellow XSR friends! I am really thinking of buying the SHIN YO LED taillight and would like to know how difficult it is to install on my 2018 XSR 700. I just cannot seem to find any documentation as to how difficult it is to dismantle/swap the taillight. It should be plug&play - maybe...
  2. Yamaha XSR700 General Discussion
    I love the small upgrades they’ve made to the 2022 model and frankly I’m jealous of the paint job but still love my 2018. I’m anxious to find out if the newly designed “snub-nose” headlight design with an led will fit on older models. It looks as though no changes were made to the xsr/mt07 frame...
  3. Yamaha XSR700 Parts & Accessories
    Looking to do a straight swap with one of these H4 bulbs from ebay with the stock headlight bulb. Or do i need a heat dissipator/power converter of sorts? Otherwise what's a link to an inexpensive bright light? I'm based in Australia. Ebay H4 LED Bulb Thanks!
  4. Appearance & Body
    Hi everyone! I have just bought a XSR700. I would like to change the front headlight. I found this one: https://absolutmotorcraft.eu/producto/faro-led-6-1-2-full-led-universal/ 6 and 1/2 inches. Total diameter: 175mm Screw holes: 160mm Would it be possible to direct replace the original...
1-4 of 4 Results