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  1. Exhaust Drilling

    Exhaust Discussion
    I’ve seen a lot of videos of people drilling holes in the end of the exhaust box where it meets the outlet. Is this safe to do ? Any regrets from people who have done this ? Cheers !
  2. Yoshimura R77 Exaust too loud...any suggestions?

    Exhaust Discussion
    Hi, so I got a bit over excited and jumped at buying a brand new Yoshimura R77 exaust for my XSR. It was easy to swap over and both looks and sounds amazing, with one major flaw: It's waaaay too damn loud... From videos, I loved the low rumbles it gave the bike but I didn't really do enough...
  3. XSR700 stock exhaust for Sale £50+postage

    Yamaha XSR700 Parts & Accessories
    Stock exhaust for sale - only used for 600 miles. I'm based in Solihull near Birmingham airport if you want to collect or I can post for extra cost.
  4. Graves Full Exhaust

    Yamaha XSR700 General Discussion
    Anyone else here used the Graves full exhaust system? How have you found it?
  5. Euro 5 Abgasnorm Deutschland/ Euro 5 Emissions Standard Germany

    Exhaust Discussion
    Hallo, seit Anfang des Jahres ist die Euro 5 Abgasnorm eingeführt worden. Gibt es hierfür schon passenden After-Market Auspuffanlagen die "legal" sind? Norm erfüllen ideal mit: schönem, dumpfen, röhrigen, tiefen Ton haben (sowas Richtung IXIL Hyperlow z.B.) Vielen Dank für euren Input...
  6. SC Project exhaust

    Exhaust Discussion
    Hello guys, I have on my 2016 xsr SC project full exhaust system and wanted to ask.. Should I also do some engine tune? I bought this bike from a scnd hand and I am almost pretty sure that yamaha mechanics put it there. So shall I expect they already did it?