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  1. Exhaust Discussion
    Short answer: it works. Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust P/N: S-Y7R1-HAFT Intended model years for fitment: 2015-2020 Fits on my '22 No CEL. Although it certainly smells of fuel (cause no more cat). Super snap/crackle/pop on decel. Would recommend a tune If yall got any questions on the...
  2. Yamaha XSR700 Issues And Problems
    Bike is already at the shop and has been diagnosed. Needs a new wiring harness due to a break in one of the wires controlling the LCD (CAN Bus wiring). I had just taken it in for its 600 mile service about a week prior. It's going to be covered under warranty, but the part (wiring harness) isn't...
  3. Yamaha XSR700 General Discussion
    I love the small upgrades they’ve made to the 2022 model and frankly I’m jealous of the paint job but still love my 2018. I’m anxious to find out if the newly designed “snub-nose” headlight design with an led will fit on older models. It looks as though no changes were made to the xsr/mt07 frame...
1-3 of 3 Results