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General Information

Forest Green / semi-matte Black
Bought new - July 2017
2017 Yamaha XSR700 (Forest Green / semi-matte Black)


Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR Front Tyre - 120/70-17 58V
Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR Rear Tyre - 180/55-17 73V
SC Project Conic Full System Exhaust - Black Ceramic [w/ Factory custom baffle]
Yamaha Throttle Cable Assembly (P/N: 1WS-26301-00) [As shorter than stock, to suit lower Handlebars]
Yamaha Clutch Cable (P/N: 1WS-26335-00) [As shorter than stock, to suit lower Handlebars]
Yamaha XSR700 Radiator Grill Cover (P/N: B34-FFLRC-00-00)
Gilles Tooling Speedo Relocation Bracket (P/N: TH-XSR700-B)
Rizoma Reverse Mirror - Black (P/N: BS070B)
Rizoma B-Pro Engine Guards (P/N: PM213A)
Rizoma XSR700 Front Fender - Black (P/N: ZYF028B)
Urbano Bruni XSR700 Chain Guard - Black
Evotech-RC XSR700 Tail Tidy/License Plate Bracket
JVB XSR700 Aluminium Rear Brake Reservoir
JVB Stainless Steel Headlight Bracket Indicator Mount Blind Caps (painted satin-matte Black)
SW Motech Brake Reservoir Guard Set (P/N: SCT.06.642.10000/B)
Speedo Angels Tachometer Screen Protection Film
JVB XSR700 Fork Gaiters
Yamaha MT-07 Upper Fork Covers (P/N: 1WS-23121-00 & 1WS-23131-00)
Yamaha MT-07 Upper Fork Cover Rivets (P/N: 90269-05055-00)
Yamaha MT-07 Upper Fork Cover O-Ring (P/N: 93210-40M10-00)
Carbolts Replacement Bolts/Screws/Nuts/Washers - Black
GWR Fasteners Replacement Bolts/Screws/Nuts/Washers - Black
Pro-Bolt Replacement Bolts/Screws - Black
Pro-Bolt Clutch Cable Adjuster - Black
Max Inc. Billet Aluminium Mirror Blanking Plugs - Black
Satin-matte Metallic Black paint [Various covers/parts]
Techflex Braided Sleeving - Black
Aluminium 6.5mm x 4mm Diamond Mesh Material - Black
Yamaha XSR700 Replacement Tank Panels - painted semi-matte Black

Yamaha XSR700 Tank Pads [REMOVED]
Yamaha XSR700 Fly Screen (Smoke) [REMOVED]
Louis Rubber Edge Trim - Black [REMOVED]
Louis Edge Trim Clamp - Black [REMOVED]
SW Motech Headlight Grill [REMOVED]
Oracal 970RA Vinyl Wrap - Satin-matte Black (P/N: 070M) [Tank panels] [REMOVED]
Aluminium 5mm x 3mm Diamond Mesh Material - Black [REMOVED]
LSL Superbike Fat Aluminium Handlebars - Perl Black (P/N: L128AX01SW)
LSL Aluminium Handlebar Ends - Black (P/N: 165-LV2SW)
CRG RC2 Shorty Brake Lever - Black (P/N: 2AB-531)
CRG RC2 Shorty Clutch Lever - Black (P/N: 2AN-641)
CRG RC2 Clicker/Pointer Set - Black [to replace originals in Red]
Domino Road-Racing Two-Compound Rubber Grips (cod. A01041C5240B7-0)
Gilles Billet Rearset Kit (P/N: B34-FRESE-00-00)
Puig 'Heritage' Footpegs - Black (P/N: 9980N) [Passenger]
Puig Footpeg Mounts (P/N: 6357N) [Passenger]
SW Motech SLC Side Carrier Bracket (Left & Right) (P/N: HTA.06.642.10001 & HTA.06.642.11001)
SW Motech Sysbag 15 & Adapter Plates (Left & Right) (P/N: BC.SYS.00.002.12000L & BC.SYS.00.002.12000R)
Lampa Top-Net 11 (P/N: 90498)
ROK Straps (025 & 314)
SW Motech M8 Ball Mount (P/N: CPA.00.424.111)
RAM Mount X-Grip
RAM Mount Short Socket Arm - Aluminium - Short
Custom Saddle in Black Nappa Leather [INCOMING]

Kriega Duo 36 Saddlebags (w/ Custom mounting solution) [REMOVED]
Puig 'Racing' Footpegs - Black (P/N: 6301N) [REMOVED]
Puig Footpeg Mounts (P/N: 6456N) [REMOVED]
Puig 'Sport' Footpegs - Black (P/N: 7318N) [Passenger] [REMOVED]
Pro-Bolt Aluminium Gear Shift Rod 195mm - Black (P/N: GRODM66195BK) [REMOVED]
Renthal Road Race Grips Full Diamond - Firm Compound (P/N: G149) [REMOVED]
Wheel and Tire
Purpose Built Moto Flashpoint 7" LED Headlight
Yamaha Vintech LED Tail Light (P/N: YME-FYTL1-00-00)
Kellermann Atto Dark Indicators (Front & Rear)
Kellermann Atto Indicator Extenders (Front & Rear)
Kellermann Atto Indicator M5-to-M8 Adapters (Front & Rear)
Highsider Indicator Sleeves (Front & Rear)
Lextek LED Indicator Relay
Louis Yamaha Indicator Adapter Cables
Evotech-RC XSR700 License Plate LED Light
NTO NTG02P GPS/GSM Tracker Alarm

iSincer LED H4 HB/LB LED Bulb [High Beam/Low Beam] [REMOVED]
Philips X-Treme Ultinon T10 6000K LED Bulb (P/N: 12799I60) [Parking Light] [REMOVED]
ABM Rinova Billet Indicators (Front & Rear) [REMOVED]


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